Park Lands Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

The Planning Minister released the draft Park Lands Development Plan Amendment (DPA) for consultation until 15th July: “The purpose of the DPA is to review land use policy within the Park Lands Zone to ensure that appropriate public infrastructure projects— such as the O-Bahn City Access Project—can be assessed on ‘merit’, with a focus on selected Policy Areas within the Zone. The proposed changes in the DPA will see the removal of ‘public infrastructure works’ from being considered as non-complying forms of development in selected Policy Areas of the Park Lands Zone.” Continue reading Park Lands Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

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Who is driving development in Gawler?

A story on page 10 of Gawler’s Bunyip today – more on what is or isn’t or may be happening in Concordia
15-07-01 Story in the Bunyip - The Concordia Debate

Residents in Gawler are concerned at rumours of yet another large-scale residential development on their doorstep. It appears that structure plans are being drawn up for new housing to accommodate 8,000 dwellings (for 18,000 people) in an area known as Concordia, on the north-east side of Gawler. Continue reading Who is driving development in Gawler?

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30 Year Plan review – 5 hot issues

Dr Helen Wilmore, assisted by Community Alliance members and others, met a tight Government-imposed deadline for feedback to the 30 Year Plan Review. She also highlighted things which should have been addressed, such as the overlap between this and other reviews. The full text of Helen’s submission to the DPTI is in the attachment “30 Year Plan – 5 hot issues – HPW Community Alliance SA.pdf”. Hopefully our state government is able to learn from some criticism based on logic and evidence.

30 Year Plan – 5 hot issues – HPW Community Alliance SA

The current process seems at odds with the Government’s undertaking to enact a charter of community participation and its intention to “lead the way and ensure planning initiatives we undertake in this term of government live up to the expectations that will be embedded in the charter” (from ‘Transforming Our Planning System’).

Community Alliance SA members feel community engagement during the creation of the 30 Year Plan was tokenistic and a true review of the Plan is appropriate, including fundamental assumptions and policy directions, with adequate opportunity for community and stakeholder input.

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Council Members’ Personal Interests

Hon Geoff Brock MP
Minister for Regional Development
Minister for Local Government
Level 17, 25 Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Dear Minister
Submission: Council Members Personal Interests
The Community Alliance SA is an umbrella organisation for resident and community groups from Adelaide and other areas of South Australia, whose aim is: To put the people back into planning and development
We are grateful for this opportunity to give input into Council Members Personal Interests Discussion Paper.
SUBMISSION Council Members Personal Interests

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Petition to keep councils and communities in planning

Mark Parnell of the SA Greens has organised a petition in response to the decisions made by the State Government to remove some of the powers of local councils to assess development applications.  Sign the petition here.

The State Government continues to make changes to the planning system despite there being a planning review currently underway.  Continue reading Petition to keep councils and communities in planning

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We are an umbrella organisation representing resident and community groups. Dedicated to 'Putting the People back into Planning and Development in SA', our goal is a planning and development process which is accountable, transparent and sustainable, and that guarantees genuine community engagement.