Collect those signatures!

The new Protect Our Heritage Alliance, convened by Professor Warren Jones, has a petition ready for signatures. This is a proper petition that needs 10,000 signatures to formally present to Parliament early next year.

It asks for an independent review of the new Planning Development and Infrastructure Act to defer the implementation of the upcoming Planning and Design Code.

Click here to download your copy to start collecting signatures! Protect our Heritage petition to Parliament





To learn more about the debate, read the excellent article by Renato Castello in The Advertiser magazine:

Progress vs wreck and ruin- The battle for SA’s soul The Advertiser 28 Sept 2019

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Prof Warren Jones and the Minister for Planning ………. He said, He said?

Professor Warren Jones AO, David Bevan, Minister Stephen Knoll





Have a listen to David Bevan’s interview with the Convenor of the new People’s Heritage Alliance, Professor Warren Jones AO and the Minister for Planning. There are some interesting questions from callers including Carole Whitelock OAM, Elizabeth Vines OAM, and the Hon Mark Parnell MLC.
Mark Parnell informed listeners about an excellent submission made to Parliament’s Environment Resources and Development Committee by Mayor Bria from the City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters. The submission explained, from a legal perspective, how the proposed changes to heritage protection may decrease the protection of Contributory Items.

To hear the interview click on the link below (it starts at about 32 minutes in, then hear Mark Parnell “throw shoes at the radio” at 1:46)

To view Mayor Bria’s submission that Mark Parnell refers to, go to this website:





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“There needs to be more advocacy for Contributory Items”

Hear this radio interview where Mayor Karen Redman stands up for the protection of Contributory Items in the new planning system. In her interview on ABC Radio alongside Michael Lennon on 12 September, Mayor Redman advocated that it is not going to be enough just to have zone overlays, and disagrees with the removal of  Contributory Item listing in the new system. She also questioned the need for her town to spend $200,000 on a DPA to list them as local heritage items. She asks, “Why can’t we transition hem first, and then do sensible reform at a later date?” This makes sense to us!

Click here to listen to Mayor Redman and Michael Lennon’s response:

Mayor of Gawler, Karen Redman
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Sandy Wilkinson’s presentation at the Bragg Forum

Want the truth about the risk facing Contriubtory Items and why they are important?  Have a look at the presentation by Sandy Wilkinson at the Bragg electorate Heritage Forum on 16 July 2019.  It was great that the Hon Vicki Chapman MP invited Sandy to speak at her forum and share the floor with the Minister for Planning and other Government officials.


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Community Alliance is growing!

General Meeting Participants


We had another great turnout at our last General Meeting on 22 August, where we heard from an excellent panel which included the President of SA Institute of Architects Associate Professor Tony Giannone, the CEO of the National Trust Dr Darren Peacock, Ms Melissa Ballantyne of the Environment Defenders Office and Mr Paul Leadbetter from the University of Adelaide.

Adjunct Associate Professor Tony Giannone, President Australian Institute of Architects (SA)

They each gave their own perspective of what issues to look out for in the new Planning and Design Code (PDC) which will be out for consultation next month. Tony Giannone stressed the importance of good design and quality architecture for our state and called for an independent Heritage Commissioner. He foreshadows further uncertainty in the PDC due to subjectivity of overlays instead of listings. He shared his concerns for the privatisation of state heritage assets and loss of open space, noting that buildings have a heart and soul, and are here for generations while governments come and go.

Mr Paul Leadbetter, University of Adelaide

Paul Leadbetter explained the legal issues of the new Code and explained the current layers of heritage protection. He explained the importance of Contributory Items and whey there are at risk due to the dismantling of local council development plans when the new Code comes into effect.

Melissa Ballantyne explained in more detail the proposed new policy changes in the Code, and this information will be invaluable when it comes out for consultation. Darren Peacock gave an update on the campaign to protect our heritage and explained why 40 years of heritage protection is now at risk. He provided evidence of the economic benefits of heritage protection and how its protection is an opportunity not a problem if done in a thoughtful and careful way.

Later in the meeting we welcomed the Adelaide Parklands Preservation Society as a new member group, along with other new associations who were welcomed at our last general meeting including the resident groups of Lights View, Colonel Light Gardens, Kent Town and St Peters.

Your President Christel Mex and Secretary Tom Matthews reported back on their meeting with Planning Minister Stephan Knoll which was held on 20 June. The Minister listened to our concerns regarding the policy position papers that the Government released on heritage and character. We were fortunate to have Sandy Wilkinson and Elizbeth Vines accompany us at the meeting to share their information on opportunities to protect heritage within urban infill, and the importance of streetscapes in Historic Conservation Zones that benefit from the protection of Contributory Items.

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 21 November at 7pm at the Box Factory.  The theme will be “Cracking the Code” and we will invite the Minister for Planning as well as other experts to help us all make a meaningful submission during the consultation period for the PDC. So don’t forget to hold this date in your diary!

In the meantime, keep those letters flowing to your local MP and the Minister for Planning.  Don’t forget the excellent Heritage Campaign Kit that we developed for you, which includes an easy to use Letter Writing Guide.

More info on the current threats to heritage protection can also be found at the Heritage Watch website.

Here are two of the presentations for the General Meeting held on 22 August:

Melissa Ballantyne 23 Aug 2019 Heritage and Planning Forum 220819

Paul Leadbetter University of Adelaide Presentation 22 Aug 2019

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“I am delighted to say that the feedback has been very positive” …. Really???

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure recently circulated a survey to people who made submissions to Phase One of the Planning and Design Code. Although there has been consultation on other discussion papers, it appears that participants in those processes may not have been surveyed.

So just in case our members wanted to have their say as well, Community Alliance came to the rescue by replicating the survey for our members. Click below to see what you had to say

 CASA Survey re DPTI Consultation 

Below is an excerpt from the State Planning Commission’s June 2019 newsletter and a link to the video.

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It’s complicated!

It’s complicated! That was the one thing we all agreed upon at last night’s information session on the Heritage and Character position papers recently released by the State Planning Commission. Hosted by the Commission’s Chair Michael Lennon, the rationale behind the proposed policies were explained followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

It was a great opportunity to learn more about the policy details that may be included in Phase Two of the Draft Planning and Design Code. There wasn’t enough time to have all our questions answered, but we hope to get these in writing from the Commission next week which we will share with members and available on our website. Click below to have a look at the compiled list of questions that members provided in advance as well as Mr Lennon’s presentation.

It’s important to keep writing to your local MPs requesting that Contributory Items, Historic Conservation Zones and Character Areas all retain the highest level of protection. And be careful with the word “Heritage”, as some planners only equate the word to listed buildings under the Planning Act, and not Contributory Items. So if you want Contributory Items protected be specific. If you’re stuck, don’t forget the letter-writing guide in our Heritage Campaign Kit.

We reminded the Commissioner and DPTI staff that members of Community Alliance groups are all volunteers and that we’ll need plenty of time to get our heads around the draft code, consult with members and make quality submissions.

Keep your diary free for our next General Meeting on Thursday, 22 August at 7pm at the Box Factory. Another dynamic panel session will be lined up to make sure things don’t stay complicated for too much longer!

In closing, it’s really important to have your say on the consultation process to date so we can make give feedback to the Commission, so click here to complete a quick survey.

DPTI presentation – 6 June 2019 6 June 2019 CASA Questions to DPTI

6 June 2019 CASA Questions to DPTI

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Have your say on Planning Reform consultation

We have recently discovered that DPTI are evaluating the consultation process for only ‘statutory consultations’ such as phase on of the new Planning and Design Code. This is disappointing, as many of us worked so hard on attending meetings, providing submissions to the regulations, discussion papers and other documents.
So just in case its a work-load issue, Community Alliance has come to the rescue by replicating the survey for our members. It will only take a few minutes to complete, so click on the link below to have a say on your experiences of the planning reform process to date:
The Advertiser 1 June 2019
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Almost 100 at our General Meeting!

Chair, SA Planning Commission addressing the audience at the General Meeting
Michael Lennon, Chair SA Planning Commission
Panel members (from left), Professor Elizabeth Vines OAM, Mr Stephen Knight CEO Housing Industry Association and Dr Darren Peacock CEO National Trust

Almost 100 people attended the panel session at the 16 May General Meeting. The topic of heritage protection created great debate, and panelists included the Chair of the State Planning Commission Michael Lennon, the CEO of Housing Industry Association Stephen Knight, Professor Elizabeth Vines and Dr Darren Peacock, CEO of the National Trust.  Chaired by journalist and broadcaster Carole Whitelock, the evening gave the audience new insights into the upcoming changes to the planning system and they may erode our already fragile heritage protection system.

Click here to view the presentations:

Prof Elizabeth Vines OAM Community Alliance General Meeting re Contributory Items 16 May 2019

Michael Lennon Presentation Community_Alliance_Panel_Session_Presentation 16_May_2019.

Christel Mex President Report CASA 16 May 2019

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“I just want a yes or no!”

Do Contributory Items have a place in urban renewal?

Chaired by journalist and broadcaster Carole Whitelock, the evening will commence with a short presentation from the Chair of the State Planning Commission Mr Michael Lennon, who will give us an update on the Heritage and Character policy papers for the new planning system. Panellists will include:

Mr Stephen Knight, CEO Housing Industry Association 

Adjunct Professor Elizabeth Vines OAM, Heritage Architect

Dr Darren Peacock, CEO National Trust

TBA – Representative from Urban Development Institute or Property Council

Property developers have often said that they ‘just want a yes or no’ when it comes to demolishing Contributory Items in Historic Conservation Zones. Their request may be granted very soon when the new planning system comes into force next year.  The trouble is, the answer to that question has yet to be resolved.

Community Alliance SA is here to help!  We have invited representatives from the development industry as well as heritage experts to consider this question and to explore the future of Contributory Items in urban renewal.

There appears to be a chasm between those who do not see the value of retaining Contributory Items because they get in the way of development, and those in the community who want them retained because they are the backbone of Historic Conservation Zones. However, both sides of the argument both agree that urban renewal is vital for the future of our state.

The objective of the panel session is to clearly articulate the views and options from various vantage points. It would also be advantageous to identify any common ground on the future of Contributory Items and Historic Conservation Zones in urban renewal.

The discussion is timely in the lead up to the release of the draft Planning and Design Code information papers on heritage and design. (More details on these coming soon)

The event is FREE and will include complimentary refreshments.  A quick meeting of members will follow the panel session to ratify new member groups of the Alliance and share updates on our various campaigns.

 When and Where?

Thursday, 16 May 2019 at The Box Factory Community Centre, 59 Regent Street, Adelaide, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Please RSVP for catering purposes to Tom Matthews on 0429 337 453 or email



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