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Comments on Expert Panel’s Ideas for Reform

The Expert Panel on Planning Reform has released its report of ideas for reforming the planning system.

Read more about this and also see the comments made on the report by the Community Alliance SA and the Community and Interest Groups Working Party (which comprises the Community Alliance SA, the Environmental Defenders Office (SA), Conservation Council SA, National Trust (SA), South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS) and Mainstreet).

City planning and development forums 2014-15

“Is Adelaide’s Transport on the Right Track?”

Held on Monday 8th September 2014 at the Burnside Council Ballroom

“There needs to be a shift in thinking towards planning for people rather than simply reproducing old transport engineering solutions in response to the whims of out-of-touch politicians” says Dr Wilmore, Secretary of the Community Alliance SA.

Residents and community members came to hear answers to the BIG transport questions. Read more……

Movie Fundraiser – The Hundred-Foot Journey

At the heritage listed Capri Theatre Goodwood – Saturday 16th August 2014

Our Movie Fundraiser was a great success with over 120 people attending and enjoying drinks and nibbles.  There was plenty of time to catch up with friends for a chat before listening to music from the unique world class pipe organ and watching the movie –“The Hundred-Foot Journey”.  We also had an impromptu auction of five quality prints made by a local Norwood artist.  Read more…..

Community engagement lacking in plans for South Road upgrade

The Community Alliance SA has made a submission on the lack of publicly available information and inadequate community engagement in the planning process for the proposed upgrade of South Road ( Torrens Road to River Torrens) as part of the North South Corridor project.

“The overall view of the Community Alliance is that public consultation is occurring too late in the planning process with the public excluded from considering vital information and not being consulted on other options.  This leaves community members with little faith that their views will change anything but minor details.  This is a major flaw throughout Adelaide’s planning system, which is currently dominated by politics and engineering needs with little consideration given to the social, environmental and economic implications.  This is not planning for the people of Adelaide.”

View the submission here – 14-08-11 Community Alliance SA – Torrens Road to River Torrens

Community Alliance SA Questions for the State Election

The Community Alliance SA is asking SA political parties and prospective politicians whether they will make a commitment to the following:  

  1. A review of the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide
  2. The reinstatement of local councils as the principal decision makers for developments
  3. A commitment to ensuring that infill development in central and inner Adelaide protects heritage, character, amenity and the environment
  4. An end to political donations that can influence the planning process
  5. A commitment to embedding genuine community engagement in the planning system, including through a Community Participation Charter

Read the full questions here:

Community Alliance 2014 State Election Questions

Notification amendment bill passed by Legislative Council

Mark Parnell’s Bill requiring the state government and local councils to notify people affected by Development Planning Amendments, such as re-zonings was passed by the Legislative Counil on July 3.

Congratulations to all who supported the Bill’s progress. Alliance President Tom Matthews and Lizzie Crisp of the Prospect Residents Association were in the public gallery to hear the speeches and see the vote. Next, the Bill will go down to the House of Assembly where it will need to pass before it becomes law.  It will sit alongside the earlier Bill that passed the Legislative Council earlier this year (Interim Development Control). The Alliance urges its members and all concerned with real reform in planning to continue to push the Government to support these Bills to become law.  To date, the government has insisted that its “Expert Panel on Development Law Reform” is the appropriate forum for debating these issues rather than the Parliament.  We beg to differ. This is an opportunity for significant reform that should be taken now.