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Undemocratic Planning Bill to rush through Parliament

The State Government’s planning Bill is being rushed through Parliament with scarcely time for the community to respond.

“This Bill will change the way our city, suburbs, neighbourhoods and backyards are planned and developed.  It will direct who makes the decisions and how much input community members and our local councils have, and there are many concerns that the Bill doesn’t get this balance right.

If this goes through, communities will be worse off by being further removed from decisions about developments proposed in their area.

The consequences will be around for a long time and we need to get this right.”

–  Dr Helen Wilmore, Community Alliance SA President (media enquiries – 8522 3019 / 0416 217 391)

Other community organisations – The ​Conservation Council SA, Environmental Defenders Office (SA) and National Trust South Australia – have expressed their alarm in this media release: Continue reading Undemocratic Planning Bill to rush through Parliament

Planning “reform” in SA – “You can fool some of the People all of the time and all of the People some of the time but …….

Posted on LinkedIn Nov 22, 2015 by James Blindell and repeated here with James’ permission:

James BlindellOf course, Abraham Lincoln was right – but has the South Australian Government and Minister Rau lost sight of this political truth in its attempts to severely wind back the already limited opportunities for community participation in the SA development assessment system??

The Planning, Development and Infrastructure Bill 2015 has just passed the House  of Assembly on 17/11 and is due for debate in the Legislative Council starting 01/12.  I set out below a few of the more obvious proposals in the Bill clearly aimed at winding back community rights to comment upon and challenge development assessment decisions: Continue reading Planning “reform” in SA – “You can fool some of the People all of the time and all of the People some of the time but …….

Kevin O’Leary: Public will have even less say on development under Government’s proposed planning reforms

Urban planning expert Kevin O’Leary has spoken out in the Advertiser this week.  You can hear what Kevin and other experts from the community have to say about the Government’s planning reforms at our public forum on 21st October (see the post “South Australia is Our Backyard”).

For the article by Kevin O’Leary Continue reading Kevin O’Leary: Public will have even less say on development under Government’s proposed planning reforms

Petition to keep councils and communities in planning

Mark Parnell of the SA Greens has organised a petition in response to the decisions made by the State Government to remove some of the powers of local councils to assess development applications.  Sign the petition here.

The State Government continues to make changes to the planning system despite there being a planning review currently underway.  Continue reading Petition to keep councils and communities in planning

Comments on Expert Panel’s Ideas for Reform

The Expert Panel on Planning Reform has released its report of ideas for reforming the planning system.

Read more about this and also see the comments made on the report by the Community Alliance SA and the Community and Interest Groups Working Party (which comprises the Community Alliance SA, the Environmental Defenders Office (SA), Conservation Council SA, National Trust (SA), South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS) and Mainstreet).

City planning and development forums 2014-15

“Is Adelaide’s Transport on the Right Track?”

Held on Monday 8th September 2014 at the Burnside Council Ballroom

“There needs to be a shift in thinking towards planning for people rather than simply reproducing old transport engineering solutions in response to the whims of out-of-touch politicians” says Dr Wilmore, Secretary of the Community Alliance SA.

Residents and community members came to hear answers to the BIG transport questions. Read more……

Community engagement lacking in plans for South Road upgrade

The Community Alliance SA has made a submission on the lack of publicly available information and inadequate community engagement in the planning process for the proposed upgrade of South Road ( Torrens Road to River Torrens) as part of the North South Corridor project.

“The overall view of the Community Alliance is that public consultation is occurring too late in the planning process with the public excluded from considering vital information and not being consulted on other options.  This leaves community members with little faith that their views will change anything but minor details.  This is a major flaw throughout Adelaide’s planning system, which is currently dominated by politics and engineering needs with little consideration given to the social, environmental and economic implications.  This is not planning for the people of Adelaide.”

View the submission here – 14-08-11 Community Alliance SA – Torrens Road to River Torrens