Consulting the community on the Code -latest news

We won’t know what the activated Code is until Friday, 19th March 2021  and do not know what the Commission heard from the last 6 week consultation that closed on the 18th December, 2020!  In the meantime, check out the Conservation Council’s  Planning committee presentation on the current state of the Code prior to activation this coming Friday, 19th   March 2021in 2 days time! While  the information is relevant to the Conservation movement it also provides an overview relevant to Community Alliance members. Click on the green link below to view.

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Hearts and Minds engaged at CASA!

On 25 February, Community Alliance held its quarterly general meeting at the Box Factory and welcomed two  guest speakers.

Our first speaker was Francis Turland from the National Heart Foundation. She provided an overview of its work in encouraging healthy living. While her portfolio includes physical activity and nutrition, her presentation focused on what makes neighbourhoods healthy and in particular how planning can achieve good developments and facilities to make healthy living possible for residents.  Her talk was inspiring and by the many informative booklets on aspects of good planning, it is clear the Heart Foundation sets an example of how organisations can promote personal and local responses to the challenges of climate change. Successful Heart Foundation programs include walking groups in local areas, healthy living choices information brochures and research data with data for future planning. Her presentation was passionate and proactive. A bouquet of flowers was awarded in appreciation of her excellent presentation, which is available below.

CASA President Iris Iwanicki thanking Francis Turland

Our second guest speaker, The Honourable Mark Parnell, provided both a response to Francis’ presentation and advice that CASA members should check the Code and portal after activation on the 17th March. The next step is to submit comments to the Parliamentary Committee on Planning Review with any issues arising from what will be the initial fully authorised Code.  Planning authorities must have regard only to Code provisions as all Development Plan contents will become defunct.

Hon Mark Parnell MLC

As the meeting marks the 10th year of CASA, President Iris invited the treasurer, Tom Matthews to thank Mark Parnell for his continuous advice and support. Mark and Tom were at the first meeting as were some of our stalwart members who attended.  To mark CASA’s appreciation, a wee gift was presented to Mark in appreciation of his good humour, passion and support for the environment in parliament.

A token of appreciation to the Hon. Mark Parnel, MLC

After a short break of Covid hospitality (tongs and packaged biscuits), the general meeting was held and the minutes are below. The best news was that our committee was about to meet with Attorney General Hon Vickie Chapman the next day on the Code, and that presentation is now available below. 

A film evening to support CASA’s continued engagement with the planning reform is being held on Friday, 16 April featuring the movie “The Father”, starring Anthony Hopkins. We are looking for volunteers to help with the raffle prizes and ticket selling, and to bring friends and relatives along to the movie night at the Capri on the 16th of April. Please email our secretary Christel with any prize donations, or offers to assist on the night to help us make this a fun event! And don’t forget to book your tickets by clicking on this link:

Our illustrious and wise Treasurer Tom Matthews at work at the meeting







Minutes CASA General Meeting 25 Feb 2021

Heart Foundation Frances Turland presentation to Community Alliance SA 25 Feb 2021man

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