Thank you Tony Piccolo MP!

The Shadow Minister for Planning, Tony Picollo MP, ¬†tabled a bill to protect our Contributory Items and put them back into the Code. “This bill serves one clear purpose: to strengthen the protection of our state’s built history and streetscape character. In short, it is designed to protect our streets and neighbourhoods from mass demolition and the destruction of the fabric of our communities.”

Click below for a copy of the Bill and his second-reading speech. To learn more, listen to his radio interview with David Bevan on ABC Adelaide on 1 April 2020. Fast forward to 21:00 to listen, and hear other interviewees including Warren Jones, Mark Parnell and the LGA President.:

T Piccolo – Hansard Extract – 25 March 2020 – PDI (Contributory Items in Development Plans) Amendment Bill 2020

Planning Development and Infrastructure (Contributory Items in Development Plans) Amendment Bill