Collect those signatures!

The new Protect Our Heritage Alliance, convened by Professor Warren Jones, has a petition ready for signatures. This is a proper petition that needs 10,000 signatures to formally present to Parliament early next year.

It asks for an independent review of the new Planning Development and Infrastructure Act to defer the implementation of the upcoming Planning and Design Code.

Click here to download your copy to start collecting signatures! Protect our Heritage petition to Parliament





To learn more about the debate, read the excellent article by Renato Castello in The Advertiser magazine:

Progress vs wreck and ruin- The battle for SA’s soul The Advertiser 28 Sept 2019

Prof Warren Jones and the Minister for Planning ………. He said, He said?

Professor Warren Jones AO, David Bevan, Minister Stephen Knoll





Have a listen to David Bevan’s interview with the Convenor of the new People’s Heritage Alliance, Professor Warren Jones AO and the Minister for Planning. There are some interesting questions from callers including Carole Whitelock OAM, Elizabeth Vines OAM, and the Hon Mark Parnell MLC.
Mark Parnell informed listeners about an excellent submission made to Parliament’s Environment Resources and Development Committee by Mayor Bria from the City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters. The submission explained, from a legal perspective, how the proposed changes to heritage protection may decrease the protection of Contributory Items.

To hear the interview click on the link below (it starts at about 32 minutes in, then hear Mark Parnell “throw shoes at the radio” at 1:46)

To view Mayor Bria’s submission that Mark Parnell refers to, go to this website:





“There needs to be more advocacy for Contributory Items”

Hear this radio interview where Mayor Karen Redman stands up for the protection of Contributory Items in the new planning system. In her interview on ABC Radio alongside Michael Lennon on 12 September, Mayor Redman advocated that it is not going to be enough just to have zone overlays, and disagrees with the removal of  Contributory Item listing in the new system. She also questioned the need for her town to spend $200,000 on a DPA to list them as local heritage items. She asks, “Why can’t we transition hem first, and then do sensible reform at a later date?” This makes sense to us!

Click here to listen to Mayor Redman and Michael Lennon’s response:

Mayor of Gawler, Karen Redman