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“The specific term ‘Contributory Items’ will not form part of the Code. It is intended to use the Local Heritage Area Overlay to address these places and neighbourhoods (the protection afforded these items currently come from their location in particular zones or policy areas, and will now come from being located within an overlay).”

To learn more, listen to Mr Michael Lennon and Dr Darren Peacock debate the future of Contributory Items in this radio interview from last Monday’s Morning Show on ABC Radio Adelaide. As David Bevan says, write to your local MP let your views known!

And don’t forget, you can hear them in person at the Community Alliance General Meeting on 16 May, 7pm, at the Box Factory in North Adelaide.

Clear here to listen:

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Transcript Radio Adelaide 891 6 May 2019 Michael Lennon Darren Peacock Christel Mex radio interview

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