Almost 100 at our General Meeting!

Chair, SA Planning Commission addressing the audience at the General Meeting
Michael Lennon, Chair SA Planning Commission
Panel members (from left), Professor Elizabeth Vines OAM, Mr Stephen Knight CEO Housing Industry Association and Dr Darren Peacock CEO National Trust

Almost 100 people attended the panel session at the 16 May General Meeting. The topic of heritage protection created great debate, and panelists included the Chair of the State Planning Commission Michael Lennon, the CEO of Housing Industry Association Stephen Knight, Professor Elizabeth Vines and Dr Darren Peacock, CEO of the National Trust.  Chaired by journalist and broadcaster Carole Whitelock, the evening gave the audience new insights into the upcoming changes to the planning system and they may erode our already fragile heritage protection system.

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Prof Elizabeth Vines OAM Community Alliance General Meeting re Contributory Items 16 May 2019

Michael Lennon Presentation Community_Alliance_Panel_Session_Presentation 16_May_2019.

Christel Mex President Report CASA 16 May 2019


“I just want a yes or no!”

Do Contributory Items have a place in urban renewal?

Chaired by journalist and broadcaster Carole Whitelock, the evening will commence with a short presentation from the Chair of the State Planning Commission Mr Michael Lennon, who will give us an update on the Heritage and Character policy papers for the new planning system. Panellists will include:

Mr Stephen Knight, CEO Housing Industry Association 

Adjunct Professor Elizabeth Vines OAM, Heritage Architect

Dr Darren Peacock, CEO National Trust

TBA – Representative from Urban Development Institute or Property Council

Property developers have often said that they ‘just want a yes or no’ when it comes to demolishing Contributory Items in Historic Conservation Zones. Their request may be granted very soon when the new planning system comes into force next year.  The trouble is, the answer to that question has yet to be resolved.

Community Alliance SA is here to help!  We have invited representatives from the development industry as well as heritage experts to consider this question and to explore the future of Contributory Items in urban renewal.

There appears to be a chasm between those who do not see the value of retaining Contributory Items because they get in the way of development, and those in the community who want them retained because they are the backbone of Historic Conservation Zones. However, both sides of the argument both agree that urban renewal is vital for the future of our state.

The objective of the panel session is to clearly articulate the views and options from various vantage points. It would also be advantageous to identify any common ground on the future of Contributory Items and Historic Conservation Zones in urban renewal.

The discussion is timely in the lead up to the release of the draft Planning and Design Code information papers on heritage and design. (More details on these coming soon)

The event is FREE and will include complimentary refreshments.  A quick meeting of members will follow the panel session to ratify new member groups of the Alliance and share updates on our various campaigns.

 When and Where?

Thursday, 16 May 2019 at The Box Factory Community Centre, 59 Regent Street, Adelaide, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Please RSVP for catering purposes to Tom Matthews on 0429 337 453 or email



392 Unley Road                                                   Churchill Road

Not sure what this sentence means?





“The specific term ‘Contributory Items’ will not form part of the Code. It is intended to use the Local Heritage Area Overlay to address these places and neighbourhoods (the protection afforded these items currently come from their location in particular zones or policy areas, and will now come from being located within an overlay).”

To learn more, listen to Mr Michael Lennon and Dr Darren Peacock debate the future of Contributory Items in this radio interview from last Monday’s Morning Show on ABC Radio Adelaide. As David Bevan says, write to your local MP let your views known!

And don’t forget, you can hear them in person at the Community Alliance General Meeting on 16 May, 7pm, at the Box Factory in North Adelaide.

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Transcript Radio Adelaide 891 6 May 2019 Michael Lennon Darren Peacock Christel Mex radio interview