Need help with your submission on the Planning Regulations?

Community Alliance members┬áhave been granted an extension to 15 March for submission on the planning regulations- as long they are included in our ‘bundle’.

The City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters have done an excellent submission, and the paper outlining the main issues is attached below. This can be a resource when you think about what is important to your communities and want to see addressed. (much more detail is available on the Councils website – council agenda for 4 March)

Community Alliance will also be writing a submission, which will be considered by the Committee next Thursday before it goes out to members for feedback.

Your individual submissions do not have to be long, just a few poignant dot points will suffice. They can come from individuals as well as member groups. It’s important to have as many submissions as possible to make sure ordinary residents have as much say as the developers do.


NPSP March Agenda Item 11.1 Planning Regulations

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