Population density: a difficult but essential balancing act

Professor Bill Randolph, Director of the City Futures Research Centre at the University of NSW, has spoken out on the failure of Australian cities to get the balance right when it comes to population density.   He spoke on News.com.au today:

“You can do good density and you can do dumb density and it’s the dumb density you need to be careful about,” Prof Randolph says

“There are very well designed high density suburbs and very poorly designed high density suburbs. The problem is the quality varies tremendously.”

There was too much enthusiasm for tower blocks stuffed full of one and two bedroom units, rather than the “missing middle” of medium density suburbs with smaller developments and townhouses, he said.

Formal oversight of developments was lacking in many areas. “Government really has to nail apartment quality and set clear guidelines. Rather than the wild west system where developers are allowed to put applications in for height and then break through existing height controls.”

“You have to have frameworks that encourage good design, good quality, open space and appropriate amenity around buildings.”

Read the article here – Experts say more needs to be done to stop suburbs from bad developments

Adelaide should find real solutions to its population growth rather than repeating the mistakes of other cities.

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