Recent visions for Adelaide

Adelaide’s city squares aren’t just for decoration – and it’s time we put them all to better use, writes architect Gerald Matthews:  InDaily – It’s time to think inside the city square

Dr Sam Shahin, whose family empire includes the On the Run chain, has written his top-10 list of measures aimed at making the city more bustling, attractive and convenient:  Advertiser – Tycoon Sam Shahin’s 10-point plan to enliven Adelaide

Light Rail – to be or not to be?

Our President Helen Wilmore attended the Lord Mayor’s Light Rail Summit on 21st April.  From a community perspective the Summit focussed on:

  • The aim of the Government’s proposed light rail, or tram, network in city building, bringing increased commercial and residential densities
  • The importance of ‘public domain improvements’ (eg street furniture, artworks, rejuvenation etc) occurring alongside the creation of light rail routes
  • Funding needing to come from all three tiers of government
  • The need for value capture ie an annual levy on ratepayers in a designated ‘benefiting area’
  • Criticism of the State Government’s rezoning of the areas for increased densities without ‘value capture’ mechanisms in place
  • The importance of bringing people along – engagement with and commitment from stakeholders are critical early on in the process, to get the best outcomes and mitigate problems such as local access issues, amenity, loss of trees, right turns and traffic congestion

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Update on the new planning legislation

Mark Parnell MLC, Parliamentary Leader of the SA Greens, has given us this update from his perspective:

After several months of debate, the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Bill finally passed through both Houses of Parliament last week.  Whilst the new system will take years to implement fully and there will be more Bills to come, I thought I would share with you now some of the positive and negative aspects of this new legislation. Continue reading Update on the new planning legislation