AGM on Thursday 19th November

The annual general meeting of the Community Alliance SA will be on Thursday 19th November in the Box Factory’s Regent Room, starting at 7:00pm. The Community Alliance will be saying goodbye to its president of 2 years who has informed us he will no longer be a committee member and asks for others to nominate for positions.

We will send out the Agenda closer to the AGM, but please have your group consider nominating somebody to join the committee as soon as possible. We need your input. Timing is important because of our Constitution. “Although a retiring committee member shall be eligible to stand for re-election without nomination, no other person shall be eligible to stand for election unless a member organisation of the association has nominated that person at least 14 days before the meeting by delivering the nomination of that person to the Secretary of the association.” The nomination must be from the proposer and the nominee.

Please ensure your group nomination(s) are sent to the Community Alliance Secretary by 5th November.

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