Who is driving development in Gawler?

A story on page 10 of Gawler’s Bunyip today – more on what is or isn’t or may be happening in Concordia
15-07-01 Story in the Bunyip - The Concordia Debate

Residents in Gawler are concerned at rumours of yet another large-scale residential development on their doorstep. It appears that structure plans are being drawn up for new housing to accommodate 8,000 dwellings (for 18,000 people) in an area known as Concordia, on the north-east side of Gawler.

Channel 7 has reported on the fears of Gawler residents that the town cannot cope with this population pressure:

Why is development of Concordia being accelerated when it is designated as a long term growth area (16-30 years away) in the 30-Year Plan?

Gawler already has two large new developments underway that will double the size of the town. Other areas to the north of Adelaide have also been designated for large-scale residential growth including at Angle Vale, Virginia, Two Wells and Buckland Park. In fact, there is already enough greenfields land available on Adelaide’s fringes to cater for 20-30 years’ worth of future growth.

This is despite Planning Minister John Rau’s stated wish to move away from urban sprawl. This leaves the questions of why development at Concordia is being fast-tracked and who is behind this push.

The Gawler Region Community Forum is concerned that the process is secretive and the community is generally unaware of what’s going on. The residents of Gawler are not being consulted and are being kept in the dark. This is despite the recent review of the State’s planning system that identified a clear need for better community engagement.

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