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Inner city residents are concerned that the character of suburbs is being undermined on all fronts
Letter to the Sunday Mail editor

All people who love Adelaide for its unique qualities protest that the park lands should be preserved for our health and future generations, intact. Take away the lungs and the patient tends to get sick!

We care about Adelaide. It IS our backyard and some of us have very little else in the way of a backyard.

Chequered Copper (Lucia limbara)The rare Chequered Copper butterfly (Lucia limbara) is dependent on remnant vegetation in the parklands. Learn more!

Park Lands Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

The Planning Minister released the draft Park Lands Development Plan Amendment (DPA) for consultation until 15th July: “The purpose of the DPA is to review land use policy within the Park Lands Zone to ensure that appropriate public infrastructure projects— such as the O-Bahn City Access Project—can be assessed on ‘merit’, with a focus on selected Policy Areas within the Zone. The proposed changes in the DPA will see the removal of ‘public infrastructure works’ from being considered as non-complying forms of development in selected Policy Areas of the Park Lands Zone.” Continue reading Park Lands Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

Who is driving development in Gawler?

A story on page 10 of Gawler’s Bunyip today – more on what is or isn’t or may be happening in Concordia
15-07-01 Story in the Bunyip - The Concordia Debate

Residents in Gawler are concerned at rumours of yet another large-scale residential development on their doorstep. It appears that structure plans are being drawn up for new housing to accommodate 8,000 dwellings (for 18,000 people) in an area known as Concordia, on the north-east side of Gawler. Continue reading Who is driving development in Gawler?