Petition to keep councils and communities in planning

Mark Parnell of the SA Greens has organised a petition in response to the decisions made by the State Government to remove some of the powers of local councils to assess development applications.  Sign the petition here.

The State Government continues to make changes to the planning system despite there being a planning review currently underway. 

It has recently introduced regulations that will allow the assessment of developments worth more than $3m to be taken from local council DAPs and to instead go to the DAC.  These actions continue to diminish the role of local government in planning decisions and undermine the ability of local communities to have meaningful input.

This follows on the back of regulations the government introduced in November last year that take away the powers of Adelaide’s City and inner rim councils to assess development applications for “buildings that exceed 4 storeys in height”. 

Disappointingly, Mark Parnell’s motion to disallow these regulations was defeated on 17th Sept 2014 by the votes of both Labor and the Liberals.  This was despite the motion being supported by all six affected councils, the Community Alliance SA, many of our member groups and other community groups in the affected council areas:

Prospect Residents Association

Preserve Kent Town group

Kensington Residents Association

St Peters Residents Association

Save Our Suburbs Adelaide

South West City Residents Association

Friends of the City of Unley Society

Residents of Inner North-West Adelaide Incorporated


Read Mark Parnell’s speech in Parliament here – 

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