Outdated view on urban sprawl

The Community Alliance Secretary wrote to the Sunday Mail about urban sprawl – the letter was published on 20th April 2014:

Outdated view

ROBERT Harding, of the Housing Industry Association, is behind the times in calling for more greenfield development in the form of a huge expansion of Roseworthy (“Choice is key in 30-Year Plan”, Sunday Mail, April 13).

He repeats the mantra of the now outdated 30-Year Plan in saying this is needed to give a balance between greenfield and infill growth. His assertion of community buy-in for the development fails to mention that the population of Roseworthy is only around 600. Many of these oppose the expansion, as do many residents of nearby Gawler and the community at large, who have not had the opportunity to comment on the proposal.

The reality is that Greater Adelaide already has a surplus of greenfield land, with enough in the pipeline for the next 25 years or so.

Lower population growth rates, market demand and other factors have lowered the need for greenfield land that was perceived when the 30-Year Plan was written.

Thankfully, the State Government is effectively rewriting the 30-Year Plan with its recent policy aimed at curbing further sprawl.

Now is not the time for more greenfield rezoning. Now is the time for dialogue on better and smarter infill and urban renewal.



Community Alliance SA

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