Parliament House rally gets to make the news

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On the 18th February, the Burnside Residents’ Group held a rally on the steps of Parliament House, to protest the community’s exclusion from decisions to open up planning for urban infill and high rise developments.  There was a great turnout and the event was attended by many Alliance representatives and member groups.  The Community Alliance SA Secretary and Spokesperson Robert Crocker spoke about the current flawed process, the aims of the Community Alliance and the changes we want to the planning and development system.

The speakers were: Vickie Chapman, Liberal Shadow Planning Minister & Deputy Leader; Mark Parnell, Greens MLC; Evonne Moore, Vice President of Save Our Suburbs; Anna Sullivan, Burnside Residents Group; Dr Robert Crocker, Spokesperson for Community Alliance SA Inc.; Darian Hiles, Australian Civic Trust; and Kirsten Alexander, Mayor of City of Charles Sturt.

Also in attendance were: Steven Marshall, Leader SA Liberal Party; David Pisoni, MP, State Member for Unley; and Rachel Sanderson, MP, State Member for Adelaide.

All photos by Fernando M. Gonçalves,

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