Time for ACTION – Lobby a polly NOW!

Stop this farce of community consultation after big development decisions are made.

Historically, interim operation powers were used to provide a protective measure to stop inappropriate development, such as the demolition of heritage buildings, while public consultation on a new Development Plan regime takes place. However, recently these powers have been used to push through development even before public consultation has occurred. This is what happened with the interim DPAs for the Capital City, Regulated Trees and Statewide Windfarms.

Although the Community Alliance SA is not aligned with any political party, Mark Parnell MLC of the Greens, has plans that address some of the concerns the Alliance has with the current planning system, beginning with the interim operation powers. Mark has used information from the Alliance to identify our planning and development issues and the key areas needed for reform. He has already introduced the Interim Development Control amendment bill, to change the appropriate section of the Development Act. There will soon be a vote on this bill in the Legislative Council (Upper House).

This proposed new legislation is very important to the Alliance as it is something WE have asked for. It’s time to support Mark’s Bill by lobbying local MPs in the Lower House and the members of the SA Legislative Council (Upper House). Keep checking our website and facebook for updates and information on when the vote in the Upper House will happen. It will be great to fill the public gallery! The vote in the Lower House will be at a later date, but please start lobbying local MPs as soon as you can.

To help Alliance member groups and other concerned members of the community, we have prepared a Lobbying Kit. The kit includes information about this Bill and possible future Bills, why we want an end to the current Interim Ministerial DPA legislation, and how to lobby politicians for their support. In the Lobbying Kit, you will find everything you and your Group needs to successfully lobby politicians.

If you would like a copy of the kit, or if you need help or advice on your lobbying, please give Alliance President Tom Matthews a call (0429 337 453) or email (tom1991@iinet.net.au). To see the Parnell proposal, use this link:


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