Your feedback wanted! Draft submission on revised Planning and Design Code

We urge all CASA members to have a look at our draft submission on the revised Planning and Design Code.

Click on the link below to view the draft,  which is due on Friday 18 December.

We would really appreciate your comments and suggestions, particularly on how the Code will impact your suburb.

Please email Iris by 12 noon on Thursday, 17 December at or give her a call on 0438 535 058.

Check your inbox for an email from CASA which will provide some hints for your own submission and a pro-forma letter.

201214 DRAFT CASA Submission on revised Code


AGM News: Meet our new committee!

We had a fabulous turnout at our AGM on 5 November – thanks to all who were able to attend!

First up was our key-note speaker from Melbourne, Brett de Hoedt, who gave an excellent presentation on how to run an effective advocacy campaign. He gave us some great tips on leadership, teamwork, and communications. Here is a link to a similar presentation he gave to Our Community Inc if you want to have a look click here.

Next, our new Minister for Planning, the Hon Attorney-General Vickie Chapman MP, who gave an update on the revised Planning and Design Code that is now out for consultation for six weeks. There was some great news around heritage protection, urban design, and tree protection which looks promising. We’re looking at the fine print this week with some expert planners to help with our submission, but we’ll also need your feedback about your experiences with the portal.  See our previous email with links to the portal and submission information.

After a short break to enjoy Tom’s sandwiches and Laura’s sushi, it was great to see that most of you stayed for the formal AGM. Following the President’s report from Christel, we had an election for new officers and committee members:

President – Dr. Iris Iwanicki,

Vice President – Elizabeth Vines

Secretary (Immediate Past-President) – Christel Mex

Treasurer – Tom Mathews

Additional committee members who elected were Lilian Henschke and Janet Scott. Four more members volunteered to fill casual vacancies and they will be confirmed by the committee at a later date. A big thanks to all who are stepping up to fill these important roles!

The best part of the night was when one of our founding members, Mr. Tom Matthews, received a life member award – well deserved Tom! Everyone was thrilled to see this important recognition, for this very special human being, who has dedicated thousands of hours as a volunteer President, Secretary, and everything else!

The draft minutes from the AGM and a revised financial statement are available below. The financial statement will be confirmed at the next general meeting, to be held in three month’s time.  A recording of the Minister’s speech and Q&A session can be found by clicking here.

If you are on Facebook (Community Alliance SA Inc), don’t forget to ‘like’ our page and share our posts. Be on the lookout for more news on the Code and get your submissions in by 16 December!

Till next time,

Iris and Christel

201105 DRAFT Community Alliance Minutes AGM 5.11.2020

201105 AMENDED CASA Financial Statement Financial Year 2019-20 with bank statements

Proof that demolition controls are likely to be weakened

Our President wrote to the Minister for Planning today clearly outlining how demolition controls may be weakened in the Planning and Design Code.

Click below to read the letter and get the facts – then write to your MP urging them to help fix it before Phase 2  is implemented on 31 July in rural areas.  Phase 3, for the urban areas, is due to be implemented in September so there is a little more time.

Let’s save our precious historic buildings before its too late!

Letter to Planning Minister with Attachments from CASA 7 July 2020

Click here to find your MP.

Letter from Caring for Joslin to Legislative Review Committee


Great turnout for first Zoom General Meeting!

Thanks to everyone who attended our first virtual general meeting via Zoom. Just over 50 people joined us from their lounge rooms, backyards, and laundries to hear some terrific speakers and have questions answered by Michale Lennon, Chair of the SA Planning Commission.
Below is the link to the recording from the meeting.
Hon Mark Parnell MLC starts at 5:30
Dr Iris Iwanicki at 15:52
Stephen Smith (Local Government Association) at 27:28
Planning Commissioner Michael Lennon, and Q&A, starts at 36:44
Mark gave an update on the heritage petition tabled in Parliament and how unusual emergency powers squeaked through Parliament which reduces community consultation and local government input on state developments.
Iris gave a strong critique of the “What We Have Heard” report, and Stephen provided an update on how Local Government is being involved in the development of the Code.
Great questions were posed by audience members, including querying what does “See and experience” means (1:30:00) & what is going on with Historic Area Statements (1:33)
At 1:40:55 there is an interesting quote from Lennon explaining that the Code is not really about policy, its about systems. So hopefully the final version of the code will get back to the “like for like” principles that were promised, instead of introducing new planning policy on the run without proper consultation.
There were many other great questions asked by the audience, including why negative feedback was not included in the report and how the implementation of the Code will work.
A big thanks to our speakers and to Mr Lennon for being so generous with their time.

CASA member submissions exposed!

Thanks to all CASA group members who made written submissions on the draft Planning and Design Code.

Hopefully, they will be published on the DPTI website soon, but until then, here they are!

CASA submission to Draft Planning and Design Code Final 280220

Submission from Elizabeth Vines and Christel Mex on Draft Planning & Design Code Phase 3

WACRA Planning Code SubmissionPL Feb26



PRA submission on the P&D Code Feb 2020

PLEG Planning code submission urban green cover water-sensitive design Feb 2020 (1)

NTSA submission Planning and Design Code 28Feb2020

NRA Submission Feb 28


MBDRA submission to SPC Planning Reform 200228

KRA Submission on Planning & Design Code Ph3

Joslin Submission to DPTI.24022020

Henschke Resident_Submission_Letter__Rose_Park___Toorak_Gardens1 6

Conservation_Council_of_SA Colonel Light Gardens Residents Association Submission Planning Code Feb 2020 v4.pdf

Colonel Light Gardens Residents Association Submission Planning Code Feb 2020 v4

KTRA submission on Draft Code

C200318 Carol Bailey Submission – the Codedocx

Submission on the Draft Planning and Design Code

Thanks to all of you who contributed and provided feedback during the development of our submission on the draft Planning and Design Code.  Dr Iris Iwanicki did a great job on behalf of all of us, digging deep into the Code to analyse how it will affect our residents, natural resources and heritage if fully implemented.

A special thanks to those of you who completed the survey on their experience in accessing the Code and you can read their reports at the end of the submission.

Without the donations from many of you, we wouldn’t be able to provide the Planning Commission with such a professional and thorough submission, so thanks again to those of you who made those contributions.

Click on the link below to have a read of the final submission:

CASA submission to Draft Planning and Design Code Final 280220

Help fix the Code! Submissions due Friday 28 February

The 28 February submission deadline for the draft Planning and Design Code is fast approaching, and we are very pleased to attach the draft CASA submission that Dr Iris Iwanicki has drafted on behalf of members.

Thanks to those who attended our submission workshop at our last general meeting. This feedback was very helpful and most of it has been included in the submission. If you have any questions or further feedback, feel free to contact Dr Iris on 0438 535 058 by Tuesday 25 February.

Don’t forget to lodge your own submissions on the draft Code. You can provide submissions on behalf of your organisation as well as personal submissions. Marion has launched an excellent campaign “Not in Our Streets”, and Burnside provided examples of submissions on their website, as well as some useful information on how the Code will affect various residential zones. To view, open this link:

By this time your local council has probably drafted a submission and if you go to their website you may find it. To find your council’s website go to To learn more about how the Code may affect our suburbs, read Mayor Robert Bria’s deputation to Parliament’s Environment and Resources Committee which is also attached.

Email your submission to, or complete the online form or template by going to

And don’t forget to tell your MP your views. Contact details here:


Draft CASA submission on Planning and Design Code 200221-3

17 February Mayor Bria deputation to ERD Committee

Heads in the sand – sign the petition to Parliament!

Allan Holmes, one of the State Planning Commissioners was interviewed by Peter Goers on ABC Radio last week. He was asked about negative community reactions to the proposed Planning and Design Code.

He said……..’There’s an active movement. Whether its huge, I’d dispute that. It’s perhaps a couple of hundred people, and it reflects a certain section of Australian society’

We remind Mr Holmes that:
The launch of the Protect our Heritage Alliance on 17th September attracted 500 people.
An electronic petition against the implementation of the Code has 9,000 signatures.
A more recent hard copy petition has 4,000 signatures.
The ‘certain section of society’ he refers to comprises voters.
It sounds as though Mr Holmes and his fellow Commissioners have their heads in the sand or are whistling in the dark. Or both… mean feat… but we are dealing with very accomplished people here.

Click below to read the transcript – then download the petition and get those signatures to Parliament!

ABC Radio Adelaide 9 Dec 2019 – Allan Holmes and Elizabeth Vines interviewed by Peter Goers

Protect our Heritage petition to Parliament-2


Nearly 70 people attending our AGM on 6 November to ‘Crack the Code’ and understand what to look out for in the newly released draft Planning and Design Code. Changes of this magnitude only happen once in a generation, and everyone agreed it is important to get it right.

Our first panelist was the Hon Mark Parnell MLC, who briefed us on changes to public accountability in the new planning reforms and the ever-increasing “culture of secrecy”. He confirmed that we have lost appear rights, and the public’s right to know is getting whittled away. “Our planning system fails on all three counts, the right to information, public participation in decision making and access to justice”. Mr Parnell strongly advocated for a delay of the Code’s implementation, as the due date of 1 July 2020 does not allow enough time to get it right due to the high volume of errors and omissions.

Next up was heritage architect Elizabeth Vines OAM, who gave an extremely informative presentation on the detail of the draft code and its impact on heritage protection, particularly in regard to Contribute Items which have all been de-listed. She brought attention to the lack of Historic Area Statements that are missing from the draft code and how the Code’s implementation will likely introduce uncertainty to heritage protection and more red tape.

The CEO of the Conservation Council, Craig Wilkins, talked about how the Code will affect eh environment and pointed out some positive policy positions ion the code, such as mandatory trees in front yards. He would like to see stronger protections for significant trees and more thinking around larger-scale planning for open space and preparing the state for climate change.

Sandy Wilkinson spoke on the theme of urban infill and design, showing current examples of inappropriate infill with poor design. He showed how urban consolidation could be done well by preserving historic buildings while at the same time allowing for growth.

Professor Warren Jones AO then led a ten-minute Q&A session between the audience and the panelists. Next, the Chair of the SA Planning Commission, Mr Michael Lennon, was invited to respond to the panelists along with fellow Commissioner Craig Holden. They both acknowledged that there were errors in the draft Code and that these are being noted during the consultation process.  They didn’t agree that the Code’s implementation should be delayed.

Why? Find out by listening to the recordings:

Hon Mark Parnell MLC

Sandy Wilkinson

Elizabeth Vines Community Alliance AGM

Craig Wilkins 6 Nov 2019 Community Alliance AGM.

Questions to Panel 6 Nov Community Alliance AGM

Michael Lennon and Craig Holden

Two of the panellists used slide presentations:

Elizabeth Vines Presentation Slides

Sandy Wilkinson presentation slides

At the AGM the members elected new committee members and the current committee was also elected.  A big thanks and welcome to:

Elected Officers:

Dr Christel Mex, President (Kensington Residents’ Association)

Mr Tom Matthews, Secretary (Prospect Residents’ Association)

Mr Theo Ellenbroek, Treasurer (Western Adelaide Coastal Residents Association)

Elected Committee members:

Ms Kirsten Alexander (Coastal Ecology Protection Group)

Cr Stephen Fisher (Save our Suburbs)

Cr Lilian Henschke (National Trust)

Ms Meredith Ide (Burnside Historical Society)

Professor Warren Jones AO (FOCUS)

Ms Laura Pieraccini (Residents for Environment and Character Conservation)

Assoc Professor Elizabeth Vines OAM (St Peters Residents’ Association)

We look forward to seeing everyone again at the next General Meeting in February.

Help us Crack the Code!



The Box Factory, 59 Regent Street South, Adelaide

7:00 pm start, followed by the AGM at 8:30pm

The fabric of our cities and suburbs may be changed forever with the adoption of the State Government’s Planning and Design Code, which is out for consultation until February (

To learn what is important in the code, and how you can make your submission count, we have assembled an expert panel to help us “Crack the Code”. Themes and panellists include:

Public Accountability: Hon Mark Parnell MLC

Built Heritage: Elizabeth Vines OAM

The Environment: Craig Wilkins, CEO Conservation Council of SA

Urban infill and design: Sandy Wilkinson, Heritage Consultant

Panel chair: Emeritus Professor Warren Jones AO

Q&A with Michael Lennon and Craig Holden from SA Planning Commission