Great turnout for first Zoom General Meeting!

Thanks to everyone who attended our first virtual general meeting via Zoom. Just over 50 people joined us from their lounge rooms, backyards, and laundries to hear some terrific speakers and have questions answered by Michale Lennon, Chair of the SA Planning Commission.
Below is the link to the recording from the meeting.
Hon Mark Parnell MLC starts at 5:30
Dr Iris Iwanicki at 15:52
Stephen Smith (Local Government Association) at 27:28
Planning Commissioner Michael Lennon, and Q&A, starts at 36:44
Mark gave an update on the heritage petition tabled in Parliament and how unusual emergency powers squeaked through Parliament which reduces community consultation and local government input on state developments.
Iris gave a strong critique of the “What We Have Heard” report, and Stephen provided an update on how Local Government is being involved in the development of the Code.
Great questions were posed by audience members, including querying what does “See and experience” means (1:30:00) & what is going on with Historic Area Statements (1:33)
At 1:40:55 there is an interesting quote from Lennon explaining that the Code is not really about policy, its about systems. So hopefully the final version of the code will get back to the “like for like” principles that were promised, instead of introducing new planning policy on the run without proper consultation.
There were many other great questions asked by the audience, including why negative feedback was not included in the report and how the implementation of the Code will work.
A big thanks to our speakers and to Mr Lennon for being so generous with their time.