Submission on the Draft Planning and Design Code

Thanks to all of you who contributed and provided feedback during the development of our submission on the draft Planning and Design Code.  Dr Iris Iwanicki did a great job on behalf of all of us, digging deep into the Code to analyse how it will affect our residents, natural resources and heritage if fully implemented.

A special thanks to those of you who completed the survey on their experience in accessing the Code and you can read their reports at the end of the submission.

Without the donations from many of you, we wouldn’t be able to provide the Planning Commission with such a professional and thorough submission, so thanks again to those of you who made those contributions.

Click on the link below to have a read of the final submission:

CASA submission to Draft Planning and Design Code Final 280220

Help fix the Code! Submissions due Friday 28 February

The 28 February submission deadline for the draft Planning and Design Code is fast approaching, and we are very pleased to attach the draft CASA submission that Dr Iris Iwanicki has drafted on behalf of members.

Thanks to those who attended our submission workshop at our last general meeting. This feedback was very helpful and most of it has been included in the submission. If you have any questions or further feedback, feel free to contact Dr Iris on 0438 535 058 by Tuesday 25 February.

Don’t forget to lodge your own submissions on the draft Code. You can provide submissions on behalf of your organisation as well as personal submissions. Marion has launched an excellent campaign “Not in Our Streets”, and Burnside provided examples of submissions on their website, as well as some useful information on how the Code will affect various residential zones. To view, open this link:

By this time your local council has probably drafted a submission and if you go to their website you may find it. To find your council’s website go to To learn more about how the Code may affect our suburbs, read Mayor Robert Bria’s deputation to Parliament’s Environment and Resources Committee which is also attached.

Email your submission to, or complete the online form or template by going to

And don’t forget to tell your MP your views. Contact details here:


Draft CASA submission on Planning and Design Code 200221-3

17 February Mayor Bria deputation to ERD Committee