Undemocratic Planning Bill to rush through Parliament

The State Government’s planning Bill is being rushed through Parliament with scarcely time for the community to respond.

“This Bill will change the way our city, suburbs, neighbourhoods and backyards are planned and developed.  It will direct who makes the decisions and how much input community members and our local councils have, and there are many concerns that the Bill doesn’t get this balance right.

If this goes through, communities will be worse off by being further removed from decisions about developments proposed in their area.

The consequences will be around for a long time and we need to get this right.”

–  Dr Helen Wilmore, Community Alliance SA President (media enquiries – 8522 3019 / 0416 217 391)

Other community organisations – The ​Conservation Council SA, Environmental Defenders Office (SA) and National Trust South Australia – have expressed their alarm in this media release: Continue reading Undemocratic Planning Bill to rush through Parliament