Planning “reform” in SA – “You can fool some of the People all of the time and all of the People some of the time but …….

Posted on LinkedIn Nov 22, 2015 by James Blindell and repeated here with James’ permission:

James BlindellOf course, Abraham Lincoln was right – but has the South Australian Government and Minister Rau lost sight of this political truth in its attempts to severely wind back the already limited opportunities for community participation in the SA development assessment system??

The Planning, Development and Infrastructure Bill 2015 has just passed the House  of Assembly on 17/11 and is due for debate in the Legislative Council starting 01/12.  I set out below a few of the more obvious proposals in the Bill clearly aimed at winding back community rights to comment upon and challenge development assessment decisions: Continue reading Planning “reform” in SA – “You can fool some of the People all of the time and all of the People some of the time but …….

FORUM REPORT – South Australia is Our Backyard

It was unfortunate the Planning Minister could not stay to hear the intelligent and well-informed community views put forward at the recent Community Alliance SA forum.  You can read all about them in our report and also view the presentation that Greens MLC Mark Parnell gave:

FORUM REPORT – South Australia is Our Backyard 21st Oct 2015

Mark Parnell’s presentation for Community Alliance SA forum 21st Oct 201…

More information on the forum is available here.


To be held from 7.00 pm on Thursday 19th November 2015 (after guest speaker Kevin O’Leary, urban planner and commentator) at the Box Factory Community Centre, 59 Regent St South, Adelaide

We will warmly welcome Kevin O’Leary, urban planner and commentator, as a guest speaker

Kevin O'Leary

Kevin worked for Planning SA for over 25 years, including on project management for a draft urban growth management plan for Adelaide. He has also had planning roles for councils in Melbourne. Kevin is a regular columnist for the Adelaide Advertiser.

Kevin will share his ideas on some of the big planning issues, and what he thinks the Community Alliance SA and its members can do about them. This will be an informal and relaxed session with Kevin speaking for around 10 minutes and some time allowed for people to ask questions and have a discussion before the more formal proceedings of the evening.