General Meeting Thursday 30 July 2015

Minutes of general meetings are circulated to members of the Community Alliance.

At this meeting guest speaker Matthew Loader, Legislative Reform Program Leader, DPTI, gave a presentation on the planning reform process to date and some insights into the legislation being drafted (draft legislation now expected in September). There will “probably be a four to six week process” after this for “exchange of information and views” and DPTI will arrange some information sessions to be run by a community advisor. Legislation will certainly not be able to be passed before December.

Matthew gave permission for his slide show to be posted on the Community Alliance website. He needs to change dates for “Next steps” on slide 32, so steps have been removed and await Matthew’s update. He may also update slide 31 (four stages) in due course. (This 4 MB slideshow may take a minute to download.)

Matthew’s presentation on the night – to be updated