30 Year Plan review – 5 hot issues

Dr Helen Wilmore, assisted by Community Alliance members and others, met a tight Government-imposed deadline for feedback to the 30 Year Plan Review. She also highlighted things which should have been addressed, such as the overlap between this and other reviews. The full text of Helen’s submission to the DPTI is in the attachment “30 Year Plan – 5 hot issues – HPW Community Alliance SA.pdf”. Hopefully our state government is able to learn from some criticism based on logic and evidence.

30 Year Plan – 5 hot issues – HPW Community Alliance SA

The current process seems at odds with the Government’s undertaking to enact a charter of community participation and its intention to “lead the way and ensure planning initiatives we undertake in this term of government live up to the expectations that will be embedded in the charter” (from ‘Transforming Our Planning System’).

Community Alliance SA members feel community engagement during the creation of the 30 Year Plan was tokenistic and a true review of the Plan is appropriate, including fundamental assumptions and policy directions, with adequate opportunity for community and stakeholder input.