Action to prevent high rise blocking Hills views

The Ian Henschke 891 ABC Adelaide show on 29th April featured the issue of proposed buildings on the SE corner of the Park Lands (Greenhill Road/Fullarton Road) obstructing views of the Adelaide Hills. 

Ian introduced Stephanie Johnston and spoke of her concerns about the obstruction of the views and how this would be in conflict with the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.  He also said the Burnside Residents’ Group had sent a report to Planning Minister John Rau explaining that the views from the city through to the hills are heritage listed and protected by the Act.

Stephanie explained that these views are considered an asset.  She said a legal challenge wasn’t being considered yet, but she wants the Government to carry out the assessment required under the EPBC Act, and that this then needs to be referred to the Federal Government.

Stephanie had a lot of airtime about this issue and there were also many callers making comments, mostly in support of her point of view. 

Rob Crocker spoke as Secretary of the Community Alliance.  He said that “The problem is not growth, or height, it’s the positioning of inappropriate development. This should not be rammed in through legislative change without debate, community consultation and engagement. That way, we end up with development like the cream brick flats we saw in the 60s. We need appropriate locations and buildings of appropriate heights.  This is a debate we have never had”.

When asked whether Rob agrees with Stephanie Johnston’s view that high rise should not be positioned where it blocks the view of the Adelaide Hills, Rob said he totally agrees with Stephanie – “it is totally inappropriate to have these buildings blocking the views.  This is not to say we should protect the East of Adelaide particularly, there are also beautiful patches of the city everywhere, to the north, south and west too. The problem is that we need proper regulations. In 10 years, we could be saying ‘Why did we let this through’?”.

After Rob spoke, Stephanie said that she was an urban planner and backed up Rob’s points about the need for good planning and how it is lacking in the current system.

Ian Henschke gave the Community Alliance Forum two very quick plugs – “a big meeting in Norwood Town Hall tonight, around 500 people expected to come.  Quimby – a new word has been invented, meaning Quality in my Backyard”.

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